Offshore Mortgage – who are eligible and how to get it


If you are looking for information on offshore mortgage you have come to the right place. You be a foreign nationals or domiciled abroad and are thinking about buying a property in UK.

There are many reasons why you might choose to buy a property in the UK. You might be looking for a second home, buying a property for a child studying abroad or you may simply want to add property to your investment portfolio.

A Mortgage Adviser will help you choose the mortgage that’s right for you. They’ll guide you through the property buying process and support you throughout the life of your chosen mortgage, whether you need to repay early, re-mortgage or make any other changes.

Types of mortgages

Buy-to-Let mortgage

A loan, made in Sterling, that lets you buy UK property to rent out if you live in another home, whether in the UK or overseas.

Residential Mortgage

If you are looking to buy a property to live in, this is the one you should be after. Choose from a range of fixed and variable rate mortgages with the various high street lenders.

Our advice, go through the mortgage broker who would be able to provide you with best deal suited for your need.


If the fixed or discounted period of your current mortgage is coming to an end, or if you are looking to release some equity, remortgaging is something to consider.

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Repayment Options

Whichever mortgage you choose there are two payment options –

Repayment and interest-only. The second option is only available if it suits your circumstances. You must be able to pay the balance in full at the end of the mortgage term.